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About Tomatis® Method

A pedagogical method that helps you listen better, the Tomatis® Method is a neurofunctional auditory stimulation method designed to help anyone wanting to improve their listening, motor, emotional and cognitive abilities through music and language. 

The voice can only reproduce what the ear can hear.


What is the tomatis® method?

The Tomatis® Method is a neurofunctional auditory stimulation method designed to help anyone wanting to improve their listening, motor, emotional and cognitive abilities through music and language. 

Listening is interrupted when an individual fails to correctly analyze the sensory message that his or her ear perceives, resulting in various learning, language, attention, affective and emotional disorders. When your listening is interrupted, your brain stops paying attention to the sounds that the ear transmits. Thanks to the Tomatis® method, we have now a way to re-capture the brains attention. During the Tomatis® listening sessions, music is transmitted with sudden changes of tonal contrasts triggered by timbre and intensity. These contrasts are totally unpredictable. Totally painless, they will have the effect of surprising the ear and the brain, which by natural reaction will pay close attention. As a result of these repeated and unpredictable acoustic contrasts, the ear and the brain move with determination into more listening clarity, improving overall listening.

In addition, these contrasts are designed to promote the transmission of high-pitched sounds to reinforce the right ear in its functions as dominant ear.

The importance of The auditory stimulation

Did you know that what the brain needs most is stimulation? Over 80% of this stimulation comes from your ear! Whether you're asleep or awake, your ear is constantly bombarding your brain with stimuli. From the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus's ear is the first fully functional organ. The ear not only receives sound but also determines your balance, rhythm and coordination. Try covering an ear while walking and you''ll see you suffer significant loss of balance. 

When listening is interrupted, the auditory system, which is a powerful sensory integrator, is disrupted, this disruption can have major repercussion for your personal development and well-being. By working on the reception and integration of sound though your ears, the Tomatis® Method helps you stimulate your brain effectively and minimizes listening challenges. Through a personalized auditory stimulation treatment it is possible to re-educate the auditory processing system so that it recovers its full functionality. 

Watch the following videos to discover what is the Tomatis® method:





The Tomatis method can be used by

  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • Seniors

Anyone wanting to improve his or her quality of life can beneficial from thew Tomatis® Method. It is an excellent complimentary technique to professional therapies, teaching and coaching approaches. 






My son, Nicholas, couldn’t read. In the beginning of second grade he was in the 6th percentile on his standardized tests. Between the Tomatis therapy from Aurélien and Barton tutoring, he is in the 3rd grade and tested in the 76th percentile. After the intense Tomatis work he began reading chapter books, and now LOVES reading. This week he read 100 pages in less than 2 hours, and we are only partially through the Tomatis program! Aurélien is so good with kids and really knows what is needed to help. I was skeptical at first, but after reading about it and witnessing it myself, I can see what can be done! I am so thankful we found this. Thank you Aurélien.
— Leigh-Ann H.
Aurélien worked with me a few years ago using the Tomatis Method to heal my high anxiety, cognitive issues from concussions, high blood pressure, moods, hearing issues, and sleep issues. I was desperate for help, as my regular medical doctors were not helping. Aurélien went above and beyond to help me with his calm, supportive skills and encouragement. He became a mentor and trusted therapist as well. I learned so much from him, and I had the feeling he treated all his clients with the same compassion and passion to help any age group or disability. I made remarkable improvements in all issues and a long-lasting friend.
— Cecilia S.





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